"Find The Best Home For Your Family"

You can depend on the people at DK Bain to safely guide you through the great adventure of finding and buying your family's new home.

Hi, I'm Kenny Nelson, and the beautiful woman with me is my wife, Joci.

If you're searching for the perfect home for your family and budget, and if you have found the search more frustrating, time-consuming, or even a little scarier than you expected, then linking arms with DK Bain may be the perfect solution for you.

For 19 years, DK Bain has built a reputation for integrity, friendliness and professionalism. What does that mean for you?



The right home for your family.

The best home for your budget.

At DK Bain, we are absolutely ...

Committed to honesty and integrity

What you see is what you get. What you get is what you need. So you won't experience any uncomfortable surprises. You can relax and simply enjoy looking for your new home.

And you can count on hearing the truth, even if it hurts our chances of making a sale.

Do you want to pay a fair price for your home? Get the most home for your budget? Want your family to love their new home? That's what we want, too, because we're...

Family-owned and family-friendly

With DK Bain, you get a family-owned real estate agency, people who will work hard for you because we're raising families here, too. We are involved in the community, in the schools, and in sports (I dare you to ask about our wrestling sons, Cody and Kaelen).

Your concerns for your family will be understood and honored, so you can know that your family's unique needs and desires will be addressed.

And you always get a husband-and-wife team. Two agents on your side for the price of one, and that's a pretty good deal. Joci and I are partners in life and in work. It works for us, and we will work for you to help you find the home that is just right for your family.

Make your home-ownership dreams come true

Yes, really, your dream of finding the right home for your family is about to come true, and are you ever going to be excited when you find that just right home. You are going to love your new home, the home you have been dreaming of, even if it seems impossible now.

Oops! Did I say impossible? To us, obstacles are like that red flag that a bullfighter waves. They make us want to charge.

"We can't thank you enough."

Kristen & Tim Thank you so much for the hard work you did for us in the process of getting us into our house. We can't thank you enough. You are really special people.

Find the best home for your budget

Finding the just right home for your budget will save you money. You can spend that money on something you really want, like new furniture. And your family can live in the style you want for them.

Don't you think they will appreciate that?

And finding the right home is a lot easier when you have ...

100's of homes to choose from

Because DK Bain belongs to the Multiple Listing Service, you can choose from hundreds of homes. So, you'll be finding your just right home fast.

And you won't have to run from agent to agent in order to be sure you have seen all the available homes. Which means you'll save time and avoid frustration.

100's of homes sold

Given a choice, would you want to be a guinea pig for an inexperienced agent? Or do you choose to feel the confidence that 16 years of experience brings?

You can have a real estate agent who has "been there, done that" hundreds of times. So, you can relax, let your worries go, and enjoy this great adventure, because you have...

Expert buyer's agents representing you

Having a buyer's agent on your side is essential, because negotiation is part of almost every step of the real estate buying process.

With an expert buyer's agent representing you, you are more likely to have your offer accepted. After all, our first job is to get you the home you want.

"We feel so comfortable!"

Sharon Oh do we like this place! Beautiful flowers in back, space, nice neighborhood & neighbors even puppies under the house to add humor!) We feel so comfortable!

Well-trained professionals let you relax

Our agents are required to take continuing education courses every year. In addition, they attend educational presentations each week on important real estate subjects like

You can relax and enjoy the excitement of shopping for your new home because we...

Specialize in the lost art of service

Buying a home can be

You should never have to waste time waiting for an agent to return your calls.


You are important.

Your calls are important.

Your concerns are our concerns.

Sometimes, you have to move very quickly to get the best deal, to get the best home for your family.

"Thank you for all you did to make our deal fly!"

Mike & Patty Aguirre Thank you for all that you did to make our deal fly! We...appreciate you taking us under your wing and making it happen. It would never have happened without the two of you. We are truly grateful.

24-hour availability equals convenience

You can look at listings online anytime, day or night.

Search our website listings and decide from the comfort of your computer desk which homes you want to visit. Why waste time on homes that are obviously not right for you? Use the time you save to look at all the homes that really show promise. You'll find your just right home more quickly.

So search for your new home when it is convenient for you. Say goodbye to frustration. Enjoy searching for your new home on your terms.

Agents are available to show homes during the day, afternoon, evenings and weekends. We fit into your schedule, not the other way around. And that means respecting your...

NO hounding zone

You deserve more respect than to be hounded by an overzealous real estate agent. After all, your real estate decision is yours to make.

And that should be respected.

Tough questions deserve answers

But, there are times when you want to hear from your real estate agent, and soon, because you need to be able to make quick, good decisions. You can count on us to get you fast, accurate answers to your toughest questions about buying a home. Know what your choices are. Know the benefits and drawbacks of those choices.

Having good answers will save you time and money. You will just have to find something to do with the extra time and money.

"above and beyond your job"

Opal, Pauline & Linda For all you have done for us which was above and beyond your job.

Buying a new home is where...

Excitement and opportunity meet

It can be a exciting journey.

And let's face it, it can be overwhelming at times.

One thing we can promise; you can depend on the agents at DK Bain to safely guide you through the great adventure of finding and buying your family's new home.

Yes, we've said that before. And it's true. Give us a call now, and let's get started together on this great adventure!


We love getting phone calls, but there are other ways to get in touch.

E-mail us at info@dkbain.com.

Or let us start looking for your just right home, right away by visiting our Home Finder.

"Realtor of the Year..."

Kenny Nelson, Congratulations on being named Realtor of the Year... The award couldn't have been given to a more deserving person.
You do an outstanding job of serving our association and your hard work and dedication are appreciated by all of our members.
Way to go!
Jim Hancock